Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoodie Review

Hey everyone! I know it is technically Spring now but we still have about three feet of snow here in northern Minnesota, so I just wanted to take a few minutes to share with you a piece of gear I purchased recently that I am absolutely in love with. I tore my old faithful Patagonia puffy coat that I have had for over ten years and decided I needed to replace it. I scoured the internet high and low trying to find the perfect puffy jacket.

That’s not actually me.

I wanted to get a high quality down jacket without breaking the bank. I wanted down because I am going elk hunting this fall and I need something that will pack up nicely into my backpack, down insulation is perfect for that. I wanted to find something that wasn’t overly expensive. If you have ever looked for down jackets before you will understand how hard that can be. I needed to find something that came in my size, which can also be difficult due to the fact that I am slightly larger than the average human. I wanted something that came in a neutral color, many of these jackets come in bright reds, blues, and yellows, which wouldn’t work out very well in the mountains of Idaho hunting for elk.

This is the color I went with.

It took a few days but I finally found the perfect jacket, the Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoodie. It has a 100% polyester rip stop exterior and is filled with 650 fill power responsibly source down. A size Large weighs in at only 14.5 ounces. I haven’t weighed my XXL but I can tell you it feels so light you could forget you even have it on. This jacket is super versatile, the first day I got it the wind chill was about 25 below zero, for testing purposes I wore it with only a t-shirt on underneath. I was perfectly comfortable for the few hours I was out and about. I wasn’t outside the entire time though as I was in and out of my truck for much of the day. I also wore the jacket yesterdy when it was nearly 40 degrees and sunny. I was equally as comfortable in the mild spring weather as I was the bitter cold.

This jacket is regularly priced at $225, which I would consider a fair price, but you can get it by clicking ‘> here.

Also, not me.

If you are looking for a great jacket to wear in a wide range of temperatures, I highly recommend the Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoodie.


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