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Hey everyone! Sorry it has been a while since I’ve posted anything, it is finally spring(well sort of…) so we have been working our butts off working here at Whiskey Creek Farm. If you have been following along on social media you have probably seen me working on making fence posts. If you haven’t been following along on social media, what the heck?! So for those that have been following along, you may have said to yourself “I wonder why he is making so many fence posts? Don’t they only have seven acres?” and that’s what brings us to today’s post. As of about noon today, Whiskey Creek Farm is 10 times bigger than it was yesterday! The ink isn’t even dry on the paperwork making our purchase of 68 additional acres official. The piece of land we just bought is part of the original farm from which our current property was split from many years ago. We purchased the land from the granddaughter of the man who originally settled this land in the early 1900’s. The land is a nice mixture of grassland, hardwood forest, wet lands, and a couple ponds. So it is really a perfect mix for our needs. We will use the fence posts that I have been making to fence in about 10 acres to use as a pasture for the cattle we will be buying soon. The woodlands will be a great area to hunt. Some of the grassland will be used to harvest hay for cattle, and hopefully someday the pond can be dug out deep enough to have some fish in it.

I wish I had some good pictures of the new land for you but Winter Storm Wesley isn’t really cooperating at the moment. Be sure to check out our gallery for updates later on in the spring. Here is a satellite image of the property, the red outline is the new property line and the shaded red area is the pasture that I am working on fencing in.

Unfortunately, when the township was doing some work on our road a few years ago they decided to raise the level of a culvert that sits north of our house, this lead to a rise in the water level which has lead to an explosion in the beaver population, which has made the water problem even worse. I really don’t mind having a pond there but it would be nice to take the water level down a bit to gain some more pasture. Needless to say, I will be waging an all out war with the beaver army that is running rampant on our land. May God have mercy on their little beaver souls.

Up in that little clearing in the bottom right corner of the big red square, is where I plan on putting my deer stand. Last year on the last day of deer hunting I saw a monster buck walk right through that clearing. Hopefully this year he chooses the same path!

Just to the left(west) of that clearing I plan to deer hunt is an awesome little spot where the creek runs through the woods, there are a few trees that have fallen over the creek and the trees that are still standing make a really nice canopy. This little area reminds me so much of my back yard growing up and I am certain that someday our kids will have a fort out there. It is the kind of spot a kid could spend all day playing and never get bored. Just walking through there makes me wish In was 10 years old again!

Well those are just a few highlights of our new purchase, I wanted to share the big news with you guys as soon as possible. I know I haven’t been writing much lately but that is about to change because we are going to be having a lot of cool stuff happening here within the next month or so. Make sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates.


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